our vision

wcaha mission statement

To develop and encourage the sport of youth hockey in Whatcom County, with a focus on fun, physical activity and social well being; and to teach sportsmanship through wholesome competition.

our vision

To provide a positive youth hockey experience for players of all skill levels and ages that will help them develop as players and individuals, and foster a life-long enjoyment of the game of hockey.

To achieve our mission and vision, we have established the following core objectives:

Core Objective 1: Grow the Game of Hockey in Northwest Washington

  • We will continue to grow the game of hockey in Whatcom and Skagit Counties and surrounding areas by offering programs that are designed to make it easy for families to experience hockey. We believe that by introducing increasingly more families to hockey, we can help to develop a larger player base in the region. This objective is led by our Board and Recruitment & Retention Committee.

Core Objective 2: Coach Development

  • We aim to recruit, train, and support our coaches so that they are effective in developing our players into good hockey players and good citizens. As our association grows, it is important to have a plan for recruiting, training, and supporting our coaches. This objective is led by our Coaching Committee.

Core Objective 3: Goalie Development

  • Creating a development plan for goalies in our association is crucial to ensuring that our teams at all age levels have competitive goalies each season. It is challenging to recruit and train goalies, and we believe that a focused effort on goalie development will help to address this issue. This objective is led by our Goalie Development Committee.

Core Objective 4: Parent Education & Involvement

  • We are committed to educating parents regarding the sport of hockey, sportsmanship expectations, and distributing workloads across the association in valuable ways. Engaging the membership in their roles as parents and volunteers will create a more positive experience for all players. This objective is led by our Parent Education & Involvement Committee.

Core Objective 5: Establish “A” Level Program

  • With our association's growing numbers, there is an opportunity to create an "A" Level program at some or all age levels. Establishing a model for higher-skilled players to play competitively will help to create a more competitive environment and provide a pathway for players who want to take their game to the next level. This objective is led by our Coaching Committee.

Core Objective 5: Create Financial Stability for the Organization

  • Establishing a stable, clear financial model that is transparent and responsible is essential to the long-term success of our organization. The Board should create a financial model that is consistent with the Strategic Plan and can be transferred easily from board-to-board, treasurer-to-treasurer. This objective is led by our Finance Committee.


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